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Crop Averaging
Crop Averaging
"Base hits over home runs."

Designed to market new crop bushels during the time of year when prices are historically strong, the producer contracts part of their expected new crop production. During the designated period, SLC will price a portion of the bushels every marketing day, at the closing future prices.

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Crop Net Income Comparison 2022
Take advantage of our breakeven analysis spreadsheet, developed to help you plan for crop year 2022.


Corn North Burt: up 5 @ $ 4.07

  • US ethanol production dropped 6K bpd to 1.078 million bpd.  Ethanol stocks were up 520K barrels to 26 million barrels, slightly higher than expected.  Gasoline demand was up 267K bpd to 8.47 million bpd.
  • May corn has closed higher for 3 days in a row.
  • There are rumors China has bought US corn off the PNW, but they have also been purchasing Ukrainian corn.
  • Brazil’s safrinha corn crop may be headed for a dry March, according to some forecasters.
  • Argentina is expected to receive welcome rain in the coming days for both corn and soybean areas.  Corn and bean harvest in Argentina will begin in April.
  • Tomorrow’s weekly export sales report is estimated at 600-1200 tmt for 2023/2024 and 0-150 tmt for 2024/2025.
  • Jordan bought 60 tmt of feed barley, likely from Russia.
  • May 2024 corn: Support at 420, then 411. Resistance at 437.  Contract low is 408 ¾ and the contract high is 684 ½.
  • December 2024 corn: Support at 458 ¼, then the contract low at 446; resistance is at 466 ½ – 470.
  • CK24/CN24 carry narrowed to 11 ½ cents.  It hit as wide as 13 ½ cents on Monday. 

 Soybean: up 5 @ $10.80

  • Tomorrow’s weekly export sales report estimates: 100-600 for 2023/2024 and 0-50 tmt for 2024/2025; meal 250-550 tmt for 23/24 and 0-50 tmt for 24/25; soyoil (5)-10 tmt for 23/24 and 0-10 tmt for 24/25.
  • Beans garnered support from the firm meal market.
  • Crush margins were down 3 cents for May and July.
  • Brazil is expected to raise the blend of bean oil into diesel to 14%.
  • Moore Research seasonal trade: On March 17th buy May beans, sell on April 21st, profitable in 13 of the last 15 years.
  • May 2024 soybeans:  Support at the contract low at 1133 ½, resistance at 1159 ¼. The contract high is at 1427 ¼ and the contract low is at 1133 ½.
  • November 2024 soybeans: Support at 1122 ¾; resistance at 1140 ¾.
  • SK24/SN24 carry at 10 ½ cents.