StateLine Cooperative is proud to be an organization that has a long-standing reputation for providing superior quality in products and services to its members. StateLine Cooperative offers a broad portfolio of the most genetically advanced hybrids and varieties to best match your seed selection with your soil to get the highest yield potential. Our Agronomy Team knows your soils, fertility, crop protection and seed options to achieve the highest yields and return on investment potential on your acres.

2018 Seed Guide

StateLine Cooperative is proud to represent the following seed companies:

  • Croplan
  • Dekalb / Asgrow
  • Producers Hybrids
  • NK
  • Stine
  • Latham

StateLine Cooperative Seed offers:

  • Four seed treating locations
  • Ascend seed treatment for seed corn
  • A wide range of soybean seed treatment offering to fit your soils’ needs
  • Two bulk soybean locations
  • Convenient seed delivery options available
  • Hard side boxes delivered direct to your farm.
  • 0% financing and reduced interest programs on select brands.
  • Discounted prepay offering until December or January 8th of 2018
  • Premium-based Stine conventional soybean program.
  • Enogen corn premium
  • Enhanced seed discounts when bundling seed and services provided by StateLine Cooperative.
  • Ask for additional programs.