StateLine Cooperative Agronomy offers a suite of precision tools for growers to optimize production and profit potential. StateLine Cooperative Advantage offers agronomic expertise to growers from soil testing to harvest and includes intensive decision management aid tools, too. StateLine Cooperative Advantage is administered from the StateLine Cooperative Precision Laboratory

As part of StateLine Cooperative Advantage, growers can expect to:
1) Produce more yield per acre;
2) Identify profitability opportunities, while,
3) Minimizing negative impact on the environment.

First, your local agronomist collects soil samples from your fields. Then, we utilize a foundational web-based program that uses specific science-based fertilizer math to determine appropriate application rates that can be applied variable-rate based on yield goals, soil types, or other desired management zones. The same capability exists for variable-rate planting with this program. Application of materials, whether fertilizer or crop protectants, can be included in the record-keeping component in the “As-Applied” field history portion of the program. In addition, StateLine Cooperative follows a stringent Data Privacy Policy to ensure your farm data is held confidential

The value of a systematic record-keeping system adds value now, however, more so as the program addresses key issues facing producers such as water quality initiatives and nutrient management reduction strategies. While these issues now remain voluntary, the industry presumes that at some point growers may receive a benefit from being able to document farm and field histories. Each agronomy location has access to the StateLine Cooperative Advantage suite of tools, allowing a grower rapid access to their field histories, nutrient status and “what if” scenarios, as they determine how best to proceed with their production program. Specifically the StateLine Cooperative Advantage program enables growers and their StateLine Cooperative Agronomist to look into four key areas for their production program.

    Entered and tracked by grower, farm, field and management.
    Asset tracking
    Data Layer Mapping
    Providing elemental as measured analysis
    Soil lab integration
    Laboratory and/or custom equations for fertilizer math
    Generate personalized recommendations for application
    Prescription uploads for file machine connections
    Desktop upload
    Direct equipment upload
    Wireless Data Integration
    Allows for multiple format of layering
    Advanced analysis tools

The StateLine Cooperative Precision Laboratory is located at Ringsted, Iowa, and supports the
Advantage service offerings with information that allows growers to discern between production
programs, and the management of data and file structures to implement the production programs.

  • Import Legacy Data
  • Assist with recommendations – farm plans
  • Evaluate new tech trends and impact (moving target)
  • Administer links such as R7, Scout Pro, Oakland, etc.
  • Assist with training and implementation
  • Assist with GIS/Spacial Analysis
  • Co-ordinate O.F.D. and SLC Scout for SLC
  • Develop viable partnerships with service providers
  • Support for sales agronomists
  • Administration of StateLine Cooperative Advantage program

To learn more, contact the StateLine Cooperative Precision Laboratory at 800-469- 0581.
Staffed by:
Mitch Giesking, Precision Tech
Aaron Schwartz, Agronomy and Precision Tech

StateLine Cooperative considers all personal information about our growers and their production
practices as confidential. Therefore, we will engage in no willing practices that maliciously allows the
data assembled via our working relationship to be used or published in a manner that identifies you or
your enterprise.

StateLine Cooperative will not sell, give away or transfer information about your operation without your
permission, unless legally compelled in order to fulfill compliance or liability matters from a regulatory
StateLine Cooperative will engage in aggregating the production and management data for the purposes
of establishing trends and patterns relative to cropping practices and protocols sufficient to continue in
the refinement of recommendations and placement/management decisions for StateLine Cooperative
customer users. This aggregated or pooled data will not include personal or enterprise identifying
Should you use StateLine Advantage via the website portal, our privacy policy enacted thru the website
will be followed in lieu of this one.