December 7, 2022



At StateLine Cooperative we have a desire to encourage the youth of North Iowa and Southern Minnesota to continue their education after high school and would like to encourage them to consider some type of agricultural related career.  This career choice does not need to be in production, but could also include careers in fields such as finance or health in rural communities as well as environmental or agricultural research.  Students advancing their education through a technical program as well as those attending a four-year college are welcome to apply.


StateLine is excited about the opportunity to support the youth in our local area. The StateLine Board of Directors has approved eight scholarships of $500 per scholarship to be awarded. 


The applicant may return the application directly to us at

StateLine Cooperative

Scholarship Committee


Burt, Iowa  50522


We will be accepting applications through February 28, 2023.  You may duplicate the attached material as necessary.  If you have questions, please contact me at 515-924-3555 ext 22.





Linda Petersen, PHR

StateLine Cooperative

515-924-3555  ext 22